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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why I am walking week, the introduction... Day 1

Welcome to why I am walking week!!
I am dedicating my blog this week to the people who have been affected by cancer in some way and have touched my life. 

This week I am going to write about why I am really going to raise another $2,300, and why I am going to once again walk 60 miles in the biggest and boldest event for breast cancer that exists.  Why I felt I needed to do more for cancer than the average activist for a cure.  Why I feel the need to train and raise money for months out of the year.  There are just way too many people that have touched my life that have cancer.  And not just breast cancer either.  I figure, if we can find a cure for breast cancer, how far away are we from curing ALL cancers?  This is my goal.  To raise money, to raise awareness, and to walk until we reach it:  a world without cancer.

So this week I want to celebrate survivors, remember those who have lost the fight, and send prayers and strength to those who are fighting their battle with cancer right now. 

For today, I am going to list those I plan on making this amazing journey for.  You are the people that have given me the courage, the strength, and the will to undertake this huge event again this year.  Thank you for your inspiration.

My Mother – Edelgard Coen – Celebrating her 7th year as a survivor!  Yay!
My Aunt -  Cathy Curcio – who is now supporting me from heaven
Tanya Cheche – lost her battle but continues to inspire me
My father-in-law Ron Finkner - celebrating being a 9 year survivor from Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Gina Woolfson – a friend who’s currently fighting her battle and I wish to support any way that I can
Donnie Smith – an old friend from High School that has just went through his battle, and is newly in remission!  Woohoo!
Bridget – an inspiring woman who has been fighting her battle for many years, who spoke at the 3 Day Event last year and shared her story with us.  – Diagnosed at 21 with stage 4, and is still with us and fighting today!!!  And walking in the 3 Day yet again!
Taylor – a young woman fighting for her life right now, and only 23 yrs old with 3 different types of cancer.  She has spent most of this year in the hospital having chemo and many surgeries, and without even trying she has touched hundreds of lives across the country.  Just go to the link from my page on blogs I follow and look up Team 15%!  You will learn to believe!

Please help us by donating on our behalf.  I have my minimum to walk already, but I would love for you to still donate to my team mates who need their minimums to participate.  You can donate by clicking on the following:
Lauren's 3 Day donation page
Pam's 3 Day donation page

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