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Friday, September 9, 2011

So, what do you do when there is 2 weeks left??

Wow.  It's finally that wonderful time again!

Only 2 weeks left!!!

Holy Moly, it snuck up on me again.  It seems like it went from 6 weeks to 2 weeks in a blink of an eye.  Now of course, it will be "crunch time" trying to get everything done in time.  Again.

I swore this would NOT happen this year, but it did.  So you're thinking, "What do you have left to do, I mean you trained all year and you raised all your money..."  Well let me tell you...

Our team logo!!!!
1) Team t-shirts - well I must say I got lucky here.  I was directed to a wonderful member of the 3 Day family that makes t-shirts with her own heat press.  And she has impressed us at every turn!  We are totally in LOVE with the logo she came up with for us, and the shirts are halfway finished being designed.  So I believe it will be cutting it close, but we will have gorgeous shirts for our walk this year!!!

Things bought, things to pack...  
2) Shopping, shopping, and a little more shopping...  There are things you don't think of till it gets this close, and things that you kept saying to yourself - "I'll just get that later, I've got plenty of time!"  Things like enough socks for 3 days...  Wait.  What's that?  You say how many socks do you need?  Oh 4 pairs/ day, varying in type and thickness.  Yes, thats 12 pairs of socks!!  And yes I definitely have 12 pairs of socks, but not moisture-wicking non-cotton thick and thin and ultra-thin socks.  But I have them now!  And a camera case attachment for my hippack, and a battery operated pump for my air mattress, and my ziploc bags to pack everything in, and a shower curtain "rain tarp", wonderful pink comfy slippers, and a battery powered pink alarm clock, and all the travel sized toiletries, and beads to give out to kids at cheering stations, more body glide, batteries for all the electronic things you need, travel size tissues, etc.  In other words, a million little things you forgot you needed till 2 weeks before!  But I believe I can check shopping at least off of my list, I THINK I have it all...
One side finished, one to go!

3) Sewing up our pink ribbon sash...  At all of our fundraising events we had pink ribbons and a sharpie for people to write names of friends and loved ones they were donating for, plus when people made donations to my personal fundraising account I asked them to let me know if they would like me to carry a name with me on the walk for them, plus of course we had the names of people we are personally walking for...  And they are all on pink ribbons that I am in the process of sewing onto a sash, which we will take turns wearing all 60 miles.  Our hope is to honor these brave fighters, survivors, or their memories with every mile we walk.  I am about 2/3 finished now...

My "craft" table with millions of pink things to do!
4) Tent decorations...  This kinda got bigger with each passing week, as we got more and more ideas then got more and more excited...  So we got a little carried away and now I have a few MORE things to make...  But it's all good, since it's gonna look great and be lots of fun. I guess I am making up for the fact that last year we never made it back to camp in time to do our decorations.  So this year we have a team theme and our 3 tents are going to coordinate, plus my tent mate for this year that I "met" on the message boards has agreed to go with our theme idea as well.  Yay!  I will just have to catch up on sleep AFTER the walk, since I've got things to make, things to sew, things to print out, things to laminate, etc.!

Never a dull moment!  Do you think my boss would understand if I told her I was WAY to busy to come to work for the next 3 weeks???

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