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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why I am walking week... - Day 3 - My teammate's reasons for walking

As you know, I am not going on this journey alone.  I have a team of wonderful women that are with me every step of the way.  They have their own reasons for raising tons of money and walking 60 miles.  Today I am giving you their own words in answer to the question "Why are you walking?"

Pam Leaberry, RN  To donate to Pam or visit her page goto - Pam's 3 Day page

Here are ten reasons that I am walking. 

1. I am walking for my Aunt who loss her battle to breast cancer in 2009.
2. SGK foundation helps women who otherwise would not be able to afford the medical care.
3. I am a nurse surrounded my women who are diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and want to help.
4. I like helping people.
5. I am looking forward to sleeping in pink tents in Washington D.C.
6. I like the thought of getting into shape at the same time as helping others.
7. I like my boobs.
8. I really like my boobs.
9. I like pink
10. I really like the enthusiasm and excitement it has brought me to help raise money for this foundation. It feels great to give.

I am walking for my family friends and patients!


Pam Naumann, RN To donate to Pam N or visit her page goto - Pam N 3 Day page

I decided to walk this year for my mother in law who I saw pass from colon cancer that did not have a lot of resources that the Susan G Komen fund offers.  This is a wonderful fund to help those cancer survivors feel special, LIVE to the fullest and help with research.  I also see a lot of patients pass away at the Dove House, an inpatient hospice facility.  When you take care of these people, you just want to be able to something,  The 3 day walk is something I can do for them!  3 days 60 miles, I can do that!

Lauren Fair, LPN  To donate to Lauren or visit her page goto - Lauren's 3 Day page

Many people ask, why are you walking?  We all walk for different reasons.  For me cancer has always been personal.  Many of my family members have lost their battle with lung and kidney cancer.  I am fortunate that I have not lost a loved one to breast cancer.  I have, however, seen the pain and devastation that comes along with a breast cancer diagnosis.  Working as a nurse in a small but ever growing community hospital, I am surrounded with patients with many different illnesses.  Yet, it is all to common to have patients with a past or current diagnosis of breast cancer.  So, when asked who am I walking for?  The answer is everyone.  I walk for my family, my friends, my patients, and you.  I am so proud to be walking this year in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk in Washington, D.C. amongst so many survivors.  Doesn't everyone deserve a chance at a lifetime? 
Pam Leaberry, Lauren, Melanie, and Pam Naumann


  1. Love this! Might have to start cutting & pasting my photo into the "Team" shots... =) Love your Heart and all that You are doing! Amazing Pink Warriors!

  2. Please do, I want to see you on my team! ;)
    Thank you!