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Monday, May 2, 2011

The month of 5 fundraisers... Whew!!!

What an exhausting month it has been for me, and for some of my team mates.  We somehow were able to do 5 fundraisers in 1 month.  It has taken a lot of late nights working and preparing, but it has gotten us closer to our goal!
Actually, when I think about it, it's more like 51/2 fundraisers...  We had to do the Joe Corbi pizza deliveries too!!  So here's how the whirlwind month of April went for us!

1)  The mall - well I've already written about our experience doing the treadmill fundraiser in the mall.  So if you missed that one you can always go back to my last blog to read the details on this one.  It was quite an experience!  This one took a lot of preparation work, but it was really fun!

Next is my 2nd 1/2 of a fundraiser)  We had sold Joe Corbi pizzas to our friends and families, and it was definitely a hit.  You should have SEEN the stacks of pizzas delivered in my living room!  It took a while but we got them all delivered.  And... drum roll please...  we EACH got a $100 toward our fundraising accounts, just from selling pizza!  I will absolutely do this one again!  

2)Walmart Day - Well I managed to do it again, somehow I bring bad weather each and every time that I set up in front of Walmart.  So as not to break tradition, it was once again 50 degrees and rainy that morning...  So we did not sell a lot of our handmade items (who wants to check out what we have for sale in the rain?) though we did sell a few, but again the generous donations of the patrons of Walmart did not disappoint us.  

Pam L  and Lauren at our table
3) Texas Roadhouse Dine-out Nite - What a HUGE success!!!  We haven't even gotten the total from the restaurant to see how much the 10% of sales raised, but just the table we were allowed to set up on a busy Thursday night in the restaurant did an amazing amount of sales, our best yet!!!  We couldn't be more pleased with how this fundraiser went, and with the staff of Texas Roadhouse that worked that night and showed up in their pink shirts!  Except for the work printing and handing out flyers and making our wares to sell, this fundraiser did not require a lot of effort, and raised a very decent amount of donation money.  Not only WOULD we do this fundraiser again, but I believe we are doing it again this year!  Thank you Texas Roadhouse!!!!
Me at Texas Roadhouse

4) Next was our bake sale table in front of Smokey's restaurant.  We did it on a Friday night, so as to get as many people as we could, even though 2 of our team members couldn't make it.  We saw a lot of people and sold a decent amount of baked goods, but I don't think we really made enough to make it worthwhile, since it takes a lot of effort to bake all those different things and package them in pink cellophane topped in pink ribbons...  So I believe we've agreed to do 1 more bake sale for 2 of the team members that really wanted to do another one, then we are done with the bake sales.  It's fun and raises awareness, but in the end just doesn't raise enough money when you need to raise $11,500 for your team!

Pam and Lauren at the Four Seasons table
5) Four Seasons Yard Sale Day - Our last fundraiser of the month was at a gym/ fitness/ family complex, where they sell tables/spaces on their huge "front lawn" for people to use as a  yard sale or vendor space.  We were disappointed because we thought with the beautiful weather and all the other yard sales going on in the area that we would have a phenomenal turn out.  Sadly,  that was not the case.  But we chalk it up to experience, and now we know.  Yard sale days are not the best venues for us...

Well some more lessons learned and lot more money raised, we are looking to our big events in the next few months to finish off our fundraising...  hopefully...


  1. Thanks for sharing these experiences. I'm thinking we all copycat Malinda and do online auctions! LOL (Actually, I've been saving small items to do one since LAST year, but I haven't gotten the job done yet!) I'm curious to hear how much your Texas Roadhouse event raised... those who have done similar Applebees fundraisers here say they aren't worth the effort. I think Chick-fil-a also does a similar thing. Keep up the good work -- where are you at on your goal now?

  2. Music City - I am very close, only $500 away from my goal, and actually I am much closer than that with things that I already know are coming in shortly! Yay! And we made $400 at Texas Roadhouse that night, beside another $400 in donations and sales at our table in the restaurant!!! A great night for us!!!