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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The "Pink Hair Challenge"

I had then decided to go a little more creative, and a little more crazy!  I emailed a company called Streakers, and asked them if they would be willing to donate bottles of pink hair dye for my facebook pink hair challenge.  They responded immediately with a yes!!!  (roller coaster going up...)  So I put out another note on fb, tagging everyone again.  I told everyone that if they would donate $35 or more in the designated 3 weeks, I would put one pink streak in my hair for them and wear it for 3 months! ( I had to use the kind that washes out, since my employer denied my request to have pink streaked hair for a little while, even when I explained that it was a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen foundation, it was shot down.)  Well it was slow going at first, and at the start of week three I'd only gotten 3 people to donate (roller coaster going down again...), so only 3 pink streaks in my hair.  And one donation was even from my parents!

Well halfway through week 3 when I was depressed over having to wear only 3 pink streaks, reminding me everyday for 3 months of a fundraising failure, it happened.  I received 4 more donations, which made it 7 streaks in my hair!  My goal was 9, but I surpassed my monetary goal and raised over $500 with my crazy pink hair!  That  I definately considered a success!  (roller coaster up again...)  I was proud to wear my 7 pink streaks for 3 months, and even though I probably looked strange to the average passerby (a 38 yr old women does not normally have pink hair), I actually liked and got used to my hair this way.  I was a little sad when my 3 months were up!

I am hoping to get Streakers to donate their hair dye again, so that I can do this fundraiser again!  This one actually worked; it's a keeper!  This is an idea I recommend to try!

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