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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dedication, Motivation, Inspiration

Wow, how quickly things change...  And isn't it wonderful?

I am feeling less nervous and more optimistic about raising so much money this year.  My wonderful team mates have everything to do with that!  They have been just as crazy hardworking as I have been, if not even more!  I apologize for any doubts I had before.  How could we fail when we are so committed to doing everything it takes to raise the money we need to walk?

The answer is we can't, and we won't.

So I have been thinking myself too important, and I have been rightfully put in my place, and humbled.  My team mates do NOT need someone to hold their hand and do things for them.  They do not need me that way, and I feel bad that I ever thought otherwise.  I am relieved and grateful for this revelation!!!!

3 words to describe team Me and the Girls this year?  Dedication, Motivation, Inspiration.

Dedication:  I am now no longer the only person seemingly obsessed with finding ways to raise money!  LOL!  It is now a group obsession.  I have found kindred spirits here, and we are all up working till 1 am!  With this sort of dedication we will have every dime we need to walk.

Motivation:  If we weren't as motivated before, a taste of success at receiving items donated for our silent auction in June has truly lit a fire!  It may be that we receive a 100 no's for every yes, but that yes sparks us to try 500 more places!!!

Inspiration:  And with team mates like these, I don't need to look deep inside myself for motivation to keep asking asking asking.  I only need to turn my head and  look to my friends working just as hard beside me.  This is easy, this is priceless. Having team mates working this hard beside me is a wonderful gift.  I want to keep working this hard for us, if only to keep up with how hard they are working too!

And training?  They are already doing 5-6 mile walks on their own.  I have no worries here either!  We walked together for the 1st time this past weekend, and it was a wonderful 5 miles.

So thank you team mates.  And I apologize for doubting.  Failing is not an option that will cross my mind again!!!!  You're the best!!!

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