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Friday, February 4, 2011

Me? The leader?

Well I was able to get all of my email and facebook letters out to my family and friends, I just have all the ones I need to put in the mail, along with all of the letters to various people in the community (doctors, insurance guy, dentist, etc.)  I put so much of myself into the letters that it makes me feel extremely vulnerable.  I think that  makes my letters more personal, but I also believe that it has some drawbacks as well; I equate the effectiveness of my letters with my self esteem, even though rationally I know that one has nothing to do with the other.  I guess as I do more letter writing, I will hopefully stop reacting this way.  But anyway they, and with them a little piece of me, are out there.

I've also heard a good response from my daughter's school.  The principal called me to tell me that they were not interested in doing a penny war, they've already done something similar this year for another cause.  But he IS interested in having the special project coordinator talk with my daughter about a fundraiser that he would do.  So yesterday afternoon my husband showed her a website that has fundraising ideas on it, some of which would be completely perfect (and not an overwhelming amount of work for me) for a middle school.  Hopefully, armed with some ideas my daughter and the coordinator will come up with a  brilliant plan that is satisfactory for all involved!  

I will also be delivering my letter today to the town mall to see if they are agreeable to my treadmill fundraiser idea (or tomorrow, with 4 kids sometimes you have to flexible and willing to change plans at the last minute!). I think this would be a successful and fun fundraiser, without a whole lot of prep work. And that is a  wonderful thing, seeing that some of my fundraisers require a lot of work ahead of time and you never know if the amount of money you raise will have made it worth all the effort.

On another note, I feel pretty good about starting training early this year, since this year I can walk indoors on the treadmill.  I signed up to be a training walk leader this year as well, so I thought it would be helpful if I was in decent shape a little ahead of schedule, so when I invite others to join my team on a training walk it will be slightly easier and I won't look like I'm struggling.  I guess only time will tell if this was adding a little too much responsibility or not.  I am really hoping for a few more people to join my team (fingers crossed here) and that someone will want to help me plan at least a few of the training walks for our team, and that we can use some of the walks we did last year again.  Then it will only be a matter of planning a few extra of the nicer team walks to invite others to join us on.  At least that is how it works in my head...

And the thing I'm most excited about right now is finally being able to have our first team meeting.  I have so many ideas and things to discuss to get us all started on the same page.  It seems some 1/2 of the team and perspective new team mates have researched the 3 day and read my blog and are mentally prepared for a challenge, while the other 1/2 haven't done much in this regard and I'm not sure they understand what they have signed up for (not that any of us REALLY did the first time!).  So I guess catching that 1/2 of the team is first, then starting to plan training walks and fundraisers next.  It's hard for me because last year even though I was the designated captain, I felt more like we were all equal.  This year since my team is all new and I've been there, done that, I feel like I'm supposed to have all the answers and be a leader.  As much as I wanted others to do it with me, I don't feel like much of a "leader."  I hope that as we grow as a team that I feel the part a little more... This part is as new to me as the 3 day experience is to them!

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