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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My slideshow: my 2010 3 day 60 mile absolutely amazing journey. Finally...

Finally, I finished my video of my 3 day 2010 walk.  It only took me 2 months!!!  I really had no idea it would be this much work;  I thought it would be simple. My bad!  I made the mistake of taking many long hours making it into a power point  presentation, then using downloaded software to convert it into a usable video format.  Now that took forever, because each conversion took like an hour and something was wrong with it each time!  This is the closest I could get to having it done right!  So I apologize that the sound of the first 2 songs is so quiet while the 3rd song is loud.  Tried my best to get it fixed...

Anyway, many people have asked me about the walk, and I've had no words that gave it justice.  I am hoping my video will explain better.  Enjoy!

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