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Thursday, November 4, 2010


A little before the bakesale, my team and I started selling breast cancer awareness bracelets.  I "met" a woman on the Susan G. Komen facebook page that was making and selling these, and she offered to send me one free, so I could see if I was interested in selling them.  It was really beautiful, and relatively inexpensive, so we decided to give it a try.

Let me tell you how easy this was!  The wonderful woman we worked with asked for NO money up front; she worked on the honor system.  I was really impressed, because that's not something people do anymore.  So she sent us her bracelets and we had 2 weeks to sell them, with the option of mailing back any that we weren't able to sell.  She had assured me that I would not have any leftover to send back, but I wasn't so sure.  So we went to work selling them for $10 each, raising $3 towards our fundraising with each bracelet sold.  Well she was right, they were easily sold, and we needed to order more!  So we mailed her a check for the first batch of bracelets, and before she even received our money she mailed out the next batch!  How refreshing to work with a trusting person.

Things continued like this for a few months, her mailing out bracelets as we mailed her another check.  I didn't sell nearly as many as my teammates did; they seemed to keep needing more of different colors and sizes all throughout the summer.  It was absolutely a wonderful, simple fundraiser.  We did all our communicating on facebook, and NO out of pocket money was needed at all!  So I truly recommend this one for anyone who needs something simple to help raise their minimum to walk.  It did not yield a tremendous amount, but was definitely helpful for me.  I still wear my bracelet everyday!  If you would like to sell these bracelets, find me on facebook and let me know, and I will let my "sales rep" know to friend you.

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